iTTCassandra's Gift Certificate Program

Technology really isn't optional any longer. Knowing how to go online to apply for a job, access medical portals, order prescriptions, make reservations, or simply look up information online is a necessity.  

Also, connecting with family and friends can help to greatly improve the quality of someone's life.  In our modern world, our home computers and mobile devices can provide this type of connection to the outside world.

Sending a Gift Certificate from iTT Cassandra's technology services may be just the help that is needed.

To purchase a Gift Certificate, click on one of our options below: 

1. Computer Training, 2. Technical Services, or 3. Consulting Services

Be sure to specify the name, address and phone number of the Gift Certificate's recipient so we can set up an appointment as soon as possible. If you don't have someone specific in mind, select the option "iTT can choose" and we will select someone who will benefit from your generous Gift Certificate.

You will receive a receipt once the services are rendered.

Thank you for your business!

April 13, 2018

"Cassy is the best computer consultant I have ever worked with. She's got it all: Superior technical skills, clear explanations and the patience to work with clients who may not be highly skilled. That plus impeccable integrity make her one of a kind. I've been grateful for her immediate response to computer challenges and speedy resolution of problems. She also has a great sense of humor. I have introduced Cassy to a handful of friends who are all delighted to have found someone with her unique skills. Do yourself a favor and hire Cassy to solve your computer issues. Your life will be better."

—Ellen L., Seattle, WA

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Cassandra Beegle

Apple Certified Support Professional