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Benefits of Technology

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January 2019

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Topics Discussed


  • Crossing the digital barrier

  • The "Transformation Age"

  • Technology is a tool, but not optional

  • What is Neuroplasticity?

  • Why are things moving so fast?

  • Moore's Law

  • Exponential Growth

  • Driverless Cars

  • Advances in Medicine

  • Computer progression

  • Mainframe to tablet

  • The smartphone revolution

  • What are apps?

  • Symbols, navigation and touch

  • Learn to speak Icon

  • What are operating systems?

  • What is a Browser?

  • Google = Empowerment

  • What is Wikipedia?

  • Google Loon project

  • What is WiFi?

  • What are commercial Drones?

  • IBM's Watson

  • What are your resources?

April 13, 2018

"Cassy is the best computer consultant I have ever worked with. She's got it all: Superior technical skills, clear explanations and the patience to work with clients who may not be highly skilled. That plus impeccable integrity make her one of a kind. I've been grateful for her immediate response to computer challenges and speedy resolution of problems. She also has a great sense of humor. I have introduced Cassy to a handful of friends who are all delighted to have found someone with her unique skills. Do yourself a favor and hire Cassy to solve your computer issues. Your life will be better."

—Ellen L., Seattle, WA

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Cassandra Beegle

Apple Certified Support Professional