Apple and PC Computer Installation | $125/ first hr.

$95/hr. thereafter

Remote Support/Instruction | $95/hr.

We will pick up your new computer equipment for you (complimentary) bring it to your home, set up and install your computer, printer or router, transfer your data and get you online and running as soon as possible. 

 Remotely we will provide technology services and/or teach you what you want to know at your own pace. 


Apple Computers, Windows 8 & 10,  

Mobile Devices: iPad, iPhone, Kindle 

Software:Microsoft office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher 

We will get you up and running quickly.  

Special Projects/Consulting Services | $95/hr.

We will help you with any project that requires online or computer use, for home or business i.e. create a powerpoint presentation, create an excel spreadsheet, create a resume, assistance with health care portals, job search, online shopping, posting and transferring photos, resetting passwords and much more.

Why hire iTT Consulting?

We are a trusted, fair, professional and reliable resource. Our business is 99% referral based. 

Let us set up your new computer to get you up and running and/or tutor you or your Senior parent to get started with technology, make purchase recommendations, learn a new device in a supportive 

environment, connect on social media, make video calls and much more!

iTT Consulting's Rates

August 19,2020

Within 24 hours, Cassandra upgraded my prehistoric iMac into a 21st Century functioning computer. The buffering is gone. New upgrades and apps were installed, etc. My computer now hums along and I am happier. She graciously guided me through the process and upgrades. In addition, she has followed up with me to confirm that there are no issues and encouraged me to contact her if I need help. Not only am I thrilled to have a working computer, I am grateful to have a top-notch Apple trained consultant to help me. Cassandra is the best tech experience I have had professionally or personally. Whenever I need a new computer, cell phone, or laptop, I will consult with her Thank you! Thank you!

—Terrie and Andy G, Palm Springs,  CA

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Cassandra Beegle

Apple Certified Support Professional